Grooming Tips

Get rid of dirty post-walk paws with the Oster™ Paw Cleaner. It's a versatile 5 in 1 cleaning solution, designed to let you clean their paws, wipe their belly, wash their fur, control shedding and remove lint all at the same time. It's thick microfibers are extra soft and tough on dirt but gentle on paws. When you're finished, simply pull of the mitt for an easy machine wash. Keeping one with you will ensure your car and sofa stay cleaner for longer.
Brush with a long, smooth stroke, taking care not to "rake" the skin. Continue until the brush slides effortlessly through the coat.
Keep on top of grooming your dog in the summer to protect against unwanted bugs. With warm weather comes increased activity levels, and a lot more time outdoors, but regular inspections and use of the Oster® Rapid Bathing System with the Oster™ Ultra-Cleaning Shampoo will help to keep nasty fleas and ticks out of your home.
Achieving your pet's desired coat length may require a combination of blade lengths and comb attachments. You can adjust the blade for different coat types and lengths - the coarse setting leaves more hair for a longer coat, while the fine setting leaves less hair for a shorter coat. The comb attachments create the longest length coat. The Oster™ Home Grooming Kit features four comb sizes: 1/8” (3mm), 1/4" (6mm), 3/8” (9mm), and 1/2” (1,27cm). These sizes refer to the clipped coat length.
If it has been more than six weeks since your pet's last grooming, matting can occur. To remove mats, hold the skin taut while moving the clipper under the mat in the direction of the hair growth. If the mat is close to the skin, start where the hair is shortest and work the clipper edge under the mat, moving against the direction of the hair growth.
Following brushing, use the For Your Dog Undercoat Rake to remove the dead undercoat on breeds that are double-coated.
Make the most of fine summer weather by grooming your pet outside. With the Rapid Bath Pet Bathing System, you'll find everything you need for a thorough, easy outdoor wash. Just make sure your pet is on a lead and you have all your cleaning tools within easy reach.
Frequent, regular grooming helps remove dead hair, dander and debris. Start grooming while your pet is young to pave the way for a lifetime of positive clipping experiences. With encouragement and regular grooming, pets of all ages readily accept grooming techniques.
Different breeds have different grooming requirements. Ask your professional groomer for advice on what the best at-home regime is for your pet between visits.
Trim your pet's nails with a quality nail trimmer, like the Gentle Paws Nail Trimmer, after bathing them. Nails are softer and usually easier to cut after a bath.
Pay special attention to problem areas when brushing, such as behind the ears, between the leg and around the tail.
The Oster™ De-Tangling Spray is not just a detangler. It's formulated with a UV protector to guard against sun damage. So take it with you on long sunny walks if there's a chance you'll need a little extra sun protection.
Any stubborn mats you come across during brushing can be removed with the Clean & HealthyCombo Brush. While split matting is easily sorted with the Oster™ Premium Grooming Shears
Keeping a few pet cleaning tools handy in the car or when you're travelling, can be very handy for keeping unexpected dirt under control. The Oster™ Paw Cleaner is perfect for impromptu scrubbing, stopping freshly walked paws spreading muck across car seats and furniture.