Automatic Bark Collar

Do not attach a leash, rope or chain to the bark control collar. Attaching these items to your bark control collar can result in added pressure to contact points. Attach these items to a separate, nonmetallic collar or harness provided it does not interfere with the bark control collar.
The First Alert™ Bark Control Collar is weatherproof but is NOT submersible so care must be taken when cleaning. Always remove the battery before cleaning. Use a clean damp cloth, water only. Never use any household or industrial cleaners. Do not submerse the unit in water or any other liquid. Wipe the Stainless Steel Probes weekly with a damp cloth while collar is in off position.
The bark control collar is best used in conjunction with behavior training from a qualified behaviorist or obedience trainer. Before using the bark control collar on an aggressive or phobic dog, consult a qualified behaviorist or obedience trainer.
If excessive barking is detected the bark control system will enter a mode designed to shut down the system. The LED of the selected setting will illuminate RED and will automatically reset. You can manually reset the system by pressing and hold the Main Control Button.

Do not leave the bark control collar on your dog for more than 8 continuous hours a day. Check frequently that the dog is comfortable. Keep the dog’s coat and skin clean in the area where the collar makes contact. Check the fit of the collar several times per day. If you observe redness or irritation to the contact area, discontinue use immediately. Wash and dry the contact area and wait until the skin returns to normal before starting to use the collar again. Make sure to follow the proper instructions on cleaning the collar.

Prolonged collar use can cause pressure sores which may lead to skin irritation such as contact dermatitis or decubitus ulcers. Please follow the instructions in the product manual. Some dogs are sensitive to contact pressure so owners must take caution when fitting the collar. Do not overtighten or attach a leash as this may cause added pressure. If a rash is discovered discontinue use until the skin area heals completely. If condition persists for more than 48 hours, contact your veterinarian.

Contact dermatitis or decubitus ulcers are sores and may look similar to burns. Owners may describe these conditions as burns from the collar; however, the collar does not release enough energy output to cause burns.

Lithium batteries are currently disposed of after their use the same as regular household waste. There are no federal regulations for disposal of lithium batteries. Individual states or localities can establish their own guidelines for battery disposal, and should be contacted for any disposal guidelines that they may have.

The Lithium coin batteries used in this product contain perchlorate material. Special handling may apply in California. Go to: for more information.

This device should only be used for bark deterrent training of dogs. The use of this collar is not recommended for use in close proximity to other dogs as in some instances another dog may trigger a correction.

Your dog should be in good health when using this product. This product is not to be used on dogs less than 9 lbs. or less than 6 months old.