Grooming Solutions

Familiarity with brushing is the best way to get your pet to relax. Doing it in a quiet place, when you yourself can be relaxed, will really help. Sit them on your lap, or follow them around in a non-threatening way if they prefer, and let them sniff the brush to acquaint themselves with the object. Then work up from short, gentle strokes to long sweeping ones. Building up from short to longer sessions will also help, and a treat will make it a nice experience to remember for next time.
Using a de-tangling spray like the Oster™ De-Tangling Spray is a great way of getting the nasty job of detangling your pet's hair done quickly. Our formula makes it easy for you to brush out tangles, and leave your pet beautifully soft. And once you're finished, their fur will be fresh-smelling and protected from UV sun damage at the same time.
Choose the coarse setting (lever should be parallel with the length of the clipper) for more hair and a longer coat.
As a pet owner, you need to be prepared to groom your animal regularly. The amount of work necessary to get your pet looking their best will, of course, depend on the pet. Many people assume the pets require a great deal of attention, especially dogs. But you don't need to bathe or groom your pet too regularly. Whatever your pet, you just need to know their needs, create a schedule and stick to it.
Cats love to clean themselves, but you still need to take the time to brush them, especially if they have long hair. In summer, they can lose large amounts of fur so a thorough brushing will keep them cool and your house clean. Once a week should usually be enough if they have short hair (longer hair should be brushed every few days). Use a wire pin brush, gently stroking from head towards the tail. Brushing up from the belly will help remove knots and dead hair. Look through the Oster™ range of brushes and combs to find the perfect thing for your pet.
Choose the fine setting (lever should be at an angle) for a shorter coat.
The comb attachments allow for even longer length coats. The kit comes with four comb sizes (Each refers to the finished clipped coat length): 1/8" (3mm), 1/4" (6mm), 3/8" (9mm), 1/2" (1,27cm)