Clipping & Trimming Tips

Keeping your dog's eyes as clean as possible will help prevent common summertime allergens from irritating them. Keep their eyes free from hair with the Oster™ Shears, and use a wet cotton bud to gently clean around the eye - taking care not to touch the eye itself - to keep them safe from irritation.
If your pet is playing outside more in the summer, their nails will probably require less clipping. But make sure you check them anyway for cracks or tears, and use a good product like the Gentle Paws Nail Trimmer to tidy them up with minimum discomfort for your pet.

Your pet's nails need just as much attention as your own. Follow these nail care tips to make caring for them easy and stress-free:

  • If you can hear your pet's nails on a wood or tile floor, it's time they had a trim.
  • Use the Gentle Paws Nail Trimmer for extra power and safety. Push the coat away from the nail to prevent accidental pulling.
  • Never hold the filer in one place for too long to avoid heat buildup.
When clipping a shorter summer coat, be careful not to cut too short as this could make exposed skin vulnerable to sunburn. Choose a trimmer kit with a range of combs or blades, like our Easy Series Clipper Kit, for the most precise, uniform cut.
  • The more comfortable you are with clipping, the more relaxed your pet will be and the easier the job will be.
  • To give your pet the most positive experience and to get the most out of your clipper, prepare your pet, your tools and the grooming area before you begin.
  • Clipping is an important part of keeping your pet hygienic as well as looking good.
  • Alternatively, lay a towel down beneath your pet for easy cleaning up.
  • Pull the skin tight to prevent pinching and nicking.
  • Make sure your pet's coat is clean, completely dry and brushed thoroughly with a quality multi-purpose brush like the Clean & Healthy Combo Brush.
  • Never clip into any fold of skin. Clip downward and away from skin folds, holding the skin taut to prevent accidental pinching or nicking.
  • Stay calm and relaxed; learning to clip your dog takes practice. Praise them frequently if they're good. And if you get tired and stressed, you can always take a break.
Because of all the warmth your pet is likely to shed more in the summer. So help remove his dead undercoat with a For Your Dog Undercoat Rake.
Before clipping your dog, bathe him using an Oster™ pet shampoo, and dry the coat, brushing out tangles and mats as you go. Proper preparation of the hair in this way will lessen stress during clipping, help you see the true coat length, and allow the comb attachments to run smoothly for a better-looking end-result.

Keeping nails neat and tidy will be more comfortable for your pet, as well as avoiding unpleasant scratches to your skin or furniture. Here are some tips to bear in mind whilst trimming.

  • Place the main part of the trimmer in the palm of your hand, the moveable arm should be controlled by your fingers.
  • Hold the paw firmly and gradually clip off the end of the nail. Take care not to cut too close.
  • If you do cut too close and cause bleeding, apply pressure to the tip of the nail, or dip the nail in styptic powder.
When washing or grooming, look for cuts or sores on your pet, take the opportunity to examine their skin for any cuts, lumps, sores or other dermatological issues. If you find anything of concern, take care to avoid these sensitive areas during grooming and take relevant action afterwards.