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ShedMonster™ De-Shedding Tool for Short Coats

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Final Sale: may not be returned or exchanged
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Get ahead of the shed and keep pet hair under control. The ShedMonster™ professional de-shedding tool is the all-in-one grooming tool that reduces shedding by up to 90%. The ShedMonster™ goes deep into the undercoat to remove shed fur while breaking up mats and tangles. Unlike other de-shedding tools that can cause painful brush burns and irritation, the ShedMonster's smooth edges protect the skin and provide a soothing massage that dogs and cats love. Reduces hair on carpets, clothes & furniture
  • Lightweight ergonomic grip
  • Used for years by professional groomers 
  • Designed specifically for short-coated breeds such as Labradors
  • UPC: 034264445956
  • Weight: 0.250
  • Height: 8.250
  • Length: 4.000
  • Width: 1.500
Care & Maintenance
Remove fur and clean between each use