Bathing Solutions

Yes, the finger like projections of soap, water, and oxygen will penetrate down to the skin and since this is an "active clean", the dirt, dander, and debris is driven from your pet.
The Oster® Rapid Bathing System requires the shampoo to be highly concentrated; only the specially formulated Oster® Rapid Bathing Shampoo Cartridges work with the Oster® Rapid Bathing System. To ensure consumer satisfaction with the Oster® Rapid Bathing System, shampoos have been formulated to contain only the finest skin and coat conditioners and a professional grade, naturally derived, cleaning product.
That will vary based on breed, but on average, every 2 - 4 weeks. Check with your veterinarian for specifics on your animals. Also, the Oster® Rapid Bathing System is great for quick bathing after your pet has been in the pool or at the beach, as well as for bathing between grooming visits.
That is a difficult question since dogs can vary tremendously in size, coat length and thickness, and how dirty your dog is - not to mention what the water pressure is at your house. On average, you will be able to bathe a standard Golden Retriever two to three times per cartridge. Smaller dogs may get five or six baths per cartridge, while an English Sheepdog that just rolled around in the mud might require an entire cartridge.
While the shower head may have low pressure, the water source behind the shower-head probably has a significantly higher water pressure. The bathing unit will connect between the two, so while the shower-head will remain low flow, the bathing unit will be receiving plenty of water pressure.
If your animal's skin is sensitive and reacts easily to detergents and fragrances, a milder shampoo formula such as one of our Oster™ Hypo Allergenic Shampoo is recommended. Another option is to use Oster™ Oatmeal Shampoo since the oat protein moisturizes, promotes healthy skin and relieves itching.
Anyone who wants to save time bathing their pet at home.
You should always use bathing products especially formulated for animals, as their skin has fewer cell layers than human skin. For example, the dogs' skin is 3-5 cell layers thick. In contrast, human skin is 10-15 cell layers thick.
YES! In fact many experienced users can bathe their dog in less than three minutes. Long haired, extra dirty dogs may take a little longer.
We tested over 100 different fragrances with dog owners. While opinions varied, it was virtually unanimous that everyone wants their pet to smell fresh and clean. The fragrance we selected will provide that desired result, with just a hint of botanicals. The hypo-allergenic shampoo is unscented.
The Oster® Rapid Bathing System uses extremely highly concentrated shampoo. The chemical ingredient in common flea and tick shampoo should not be that concentrated and so for safety, we do not offer a flea and tick shampoo for use with the device. However, flea and tick shampoo works best on a clean animal and flea and tick shampoo should not be used for cleaning purposes. Using the Oster® Rapid Bathing System quickly and safely clean the pet, the owner can then hand apply the flea and tick shampoo.
YES! We cannot believe how many people have told us that bathing their dog was one of their least favorite tasks because they hated struggling with their dog. Now, when they clean their dog with the warm soothing massage, the dog not only sits there calmly, the dog actually enjoys being bathed!
Building code requirements restrict the water flow rates in sinks and therefore is not an acceptable water source to make the Rapid Bathing unit effective. Fortunately, less than 12% of pet owners bathe their dog in the kitchen sink.
The Oster™ Dog Cologne will help neutralize your animal's odor and will leave him with a clean, fresh scent. Oster™ Dog Cologne fragrances are pleasant for the pet owner and they won't irritate the pet's skin as they are alcohol free.
Pet bathing is more than just cleaning the animal; it's about skin and coat care. The skin is the largest organ of the body and on most breeds, the dog's coat can make it difficult to care for the skin.
You can use an animal-formulated conditioner or a detangling spray. Animal conditioners and de-tanglers make brushing easier after bathing. They also provide conditioning agents that soften the coat and add shine, without weighing the coat down with excessive oils.
The Oster™ No-Rinse Shampoo is available for use on animals that do not like water. This product is also ideal for older dogs with medical conditions that makes standing/bathing too stressful. It also works great to prolong the time between water baths.