Hydrosurge® Color Enhancing Spray (4oz.)

Hydrosurge® Color Enhancing Spray (4oz.)


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The Hydrosurge® Color Enhancing Spray brings out the natural beauty and luster of all coat colors. Clean and Fresh scent.
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Hydrosurge ® Color Enhancing Spray conditions the coat and enhances shine, while also improving flexibility and repairing the hair shaft. Replenishes skin surface deficiencies with essential fatty acids. Contains aloe vera and chamomile to sooth and repair the dog’s coat. The jojoba oil, which has a natural moisturizing effect combined with the silicone-based polymers provides a smooth feel and promotes the spread ability and add luster.
  • Utilizes fluorescent brightener technology
  • Replaces essential fatty acids on the skins surface
  • Coat conditioner and coat shine promoters
  • Improve flexibility and repairs damages to the air shaft
  • UV protectant guards against sun damage
  • Clean & Fresh scent
  • Proudly made in the USA