Oster® Fresh Snuggles Whitening Shampoo

Oster® Fresh Snuggles Whitening Shampoo


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Oster® Whitening Shampoo contains special optical brighteners to bring out the natural beauty of light coated animals and enhance the color of all other coat colors. Ripe Coconut scent.

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Oster Fresh Snuggles shampoos and conditioner are specially formulated with a higher level of active ingredients (or surfactants) to help remove more dirt than comparable shampoos. Gentle with dog skin feature pH balanced, wholesome ingredients, and 100% free of alcohol, and parabens. Oster Shampoo, Conditioners, and Colognes are proudly made in the USA.

  • Special optical brighteners bring out the natural beauty of the coat 
  • Infused with moisturizers and natural aloe vera for extra soothing 
  • Extra mild, tearless shampoo that cleans without any added fragrance or colors 
  • Ideal for bathing dogs with sensitive skin or allergies 
  • Coconut fragrance