Oster® Fresh Sips Less Stress Cat Fountain 100 fl oz

Oster® Fresh Sips Less Stress Cat Fountain 100 fl oz


Oster Animal Care OSTCF00
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Provides dual filtration to ensure clean and fresh water. No drip reservoir means refilling the tank is easier with no mess and a continuous flow means continuous filtration. A great solution for your thirsty pet! BPA Free.
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Additional Information

The Oster® Fresh Sips Cat Fountain is a convenient way to keep your pet healthy and happy! Fresh, clean water is important for hydration and keeping pets refreshed, especially for times when you not available to refill water bowls. Continuous flow ensures your pet is drinking fresher, purer water as dual filtration recirculates filtered water. Fresh Sips entices your cat or dog to drink throughout the day, yet with the 100-ounce water reservoir, you won’t need to constantly refill the fountain.
  • Convenient 100-ounce water reservoir for less filling
  • Continuous filtration ensures healthier and cleaner water for your pet
  • Encourages pet to drink more water for better hydration
  • On/Off option for water stream
  • Easy set-up
  • Dishwasher-safe tray for simple cleaning