Oster® Pet Fountain Filters Replacement for 60 fl oz

Oster® Pet Fountain Filters Replacement for 60 fl oz


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Dual Filters for use with Oster® Fresh Sips less stress Pet Fountain 60 fl oz.

Each dual filter includes: Charcoal Filter that reduces impurities in the water and Particle Filter that helps capture hair, food, dirt and other debris.

Includes 4 Dual Filters

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1. Rinse the charcoal filter cartridge before use to remove any loose charcoal.

2. holding the charcoal filter and particle filter together, place the filters in your foutain as directed in your fountain's instruction manual or visit for more information

3. Replace the charcoal filter every 2 to 4 weeks or more frequently if used with multiple pets.

Less Stress for you + your pet

Keeping pets healthy, happy and clean can be stressful. That's why the Oster® brand provides less stress solutions for pet grooming and care through trusted, high quality and easy to use products that help you get the job done.