Oster® Nail Clipper

Oster® Nail Clipper


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The Oster® Gentle Paws Nail Trimmer is a gentle trimmer used to cut and trim the thicker nails of larger breed dogs.

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The Oster® Gentle Paws line of grooming tools offers a gentle experience for less stress for you and your pet. The Oster® Gentle Paws Nail Trimmer offers maximum control throughout the nail clipping process. The blades are effective on all sizes of dogs, but are strong enough for the thicker nails found on larger dog breeds. It features a built-in nail guard that helps ensure you don't cut into the quick - the nerve located inside the nail.

  • Built-in nail guard helps ensure that each nail is not trimmed too short to endanger the quick
  • Sharp edge helps provide a quick snip without bending the nail
  • Safety lock keeps edge secure
  • Great for all sized dogs, particularly larger breeds 
  • Same nail trimmer design used by professionals